Amanda Tells All: Back to the Beginnings

It’s hard to keep up with the Junior Star Singer creator, Amanda Neale, who has accomplished so much in the music industry. She has worked in most positions you can think of in the music industry, from production, to mentoring, to even having been a popstar herself. Therefore, of course, who better than Amanda to coach young artists and guide them on their way to stardom?

It’s evident from her work that Amanda keeps JSS very close to her heart, but how did the company founder come up with it in the first place? Here she is to tell us more…

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Teide takes to the stage again!

Our very own Teide Bryce is due to blow another crowd away tomorrow when she performs at the Hatchetts Bar in Mayfair!

If you aren’t lucky enough to be there, she will be telling us all about it in due course so watch this space for her post-gig review!

Teide review

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