Back on the road again!

By Billy & Louie

We are beyond excited to be joining the ‘Make Some Noise’ tour this summer, visiting and performing at different venues in large UK cities. As the world was put on hold over a year ago due to the pandemic, so were our performances. The thought of being back on stage after so much time of virtual performances is a strange feeling – however, the excitement definitely overrides any nervousness. We’ve been working day and night on our set list to perfect everything ready for our summer shows. We’ve also been rehearsing the physical side of our performances focusing on choreography and movement. 

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The meaning behind ‘Weak’ by Temi

For so many reasons, 2020 will be a year that will be hard to forget. Aside from Covid-19, one moment that shook the world was the unlawful death of George Floyd, which sparked global protest as people from all sides campaigned for an end to racism and persecution against people based on the colour of their skin. It was these events that inspired Temi Atiba to write her song ‘Weak’ – find out more below:

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