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Welcome, young readers, to the JSS Online music magazine, designed specifically for our young artists around the world!  For those of you who don’t know (where have you been?!), Junior Star Singer is the X-Factor style competition for 10-16 year olds across the UK, all in it to win the chance to record a track with top industry producers. We’ll be bringing you the latest from the competition, to music gossip, vocal technique tips, concert and gig reviews and even some fashion tips on how to dress for your latest gig!

JSS Online is made up by a combination of writers from all over the UK that have already joined the Junior Star Singer Development Programme and are now enjoying their music careers.  It’s our aim to get the word out to other hopefuls who perhaps need to experience this, so putting this magazine together gives others the chance to get connected and involved. Artists can share stories and experiences, keep up with news from the Junior Star Singer Tour and discuss other music related issues.

This year, we are going to be covering Junior Star Singer UK 2018 and, for the first time, Junior Star Singer Europe 2018, which gives the chance for UK artists to compete with European artists.  Some of our regular writers have been touring on the Junior Star Singer Radio Tour for a while, like co- presenter Rachael Summers, winner for best vocalist 2017 Kasey-Wray Wooderson, winner for best songwriter 2017 Shania Rowe, contestants Emily Taylor Smith aka Isolde, Teide Bryce, Scott Thornhill and even Junior Judge 2017 Georgia Lois.  It’s all go here, young readers!  The musical journey continues.

If you have an interesting news story and want to share it on our Junior Star Singer Music Magazine, please email me, the Editor: juniorstarsingeronline@gmail.com

Amanda Neale


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