Back on the road again!

By Billy & Louie

We are beyond excited to be joining the ‘Make Some Noise’ tour this summer, visiting and performing at different venues in large UK cities. As the world was put on hold over a year ago due to the pandemic, so were our performances. The thought of being back on stage after so much time of virtual performances is a strange feeling – however, the excitement definitely overrides any nervousness. We’ve been working day and night on our set list to perfect everything ready for our summer shows. We’ve also been rehearsing the physical side of our performances focusing on choreography and movement. 

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Billy & Louie are back with a new single – ‘Like the river’

By Billy & Louie Hughes

We’re back! And both of us are so excited to announce that on June 6th we will be releasing our 3rd single, ‘Like the river’! This is a song that we are proud to be releasing as it has been in the vault for three years now. We wrote this song when we were 13 and since then it has evolved and changed into an emotional ballad as we have revisited and adapted the song.

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Bringing people together through music

By Billy & Louie Hughes

These are undoubtedly strange times for us all. While keeping people apart to keep us healthy is the best way to save lives, it’s still really tough being indoors and away from friends, family and the outside world in general.

That’s why we came up with an idea to somehow collaborate with singers and upcoming artists to spread a bit of positivity during the current time of crisis.

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