Back on the road again!

By Billy & Louie

We are beyond excited to be joining the ‘Make Some Noise’ tour this summer, visiting and performing at different venues in large UK cities. As the world was put on hold over a year ago due to the pandemic, so were our performances. The thought of being back on stage after so much time of virtual performances is a strange feeling – however, the excitement definitely overrides any nervousness. We’ve been working day and night on our set list to perfect everything ready for our summer shows. We’ve also been rehearsing the physical side of our performances focusing on choreography and movement. 

Our first gig is on the 1st of August in London’s 02 Academy. We also have a show at the Corporation in Sheffield on the 15th and another at Think Tank in Newcastle in September. We’re really looking forward to playing in these venues as they are intimate and cosy, something we haven’t seen for a while. These will also be nice venues to contrast our other performance at Swindon & Wiltshire Pride on the 7th August which attracts around 10 thousand people. This is a festival we are to be singing at alongside the headliners East 17. This event is one we are thrilled to be invited back to perform at as we were on the line up in 2019 and the audience was amazing!

Recently we have been engaging with our social media supporters asking lots of questions about what songs they’d love to hear in our set list, so as well as our old favourites we’ve also been taking note and reading the comments and suggestions. Another aspect of the tour we have loved is arranging our different outfits, we’ve been taking advice from all of our close friends and team as well as having a cheeky word with a stylist we know to find the perfect outfits for the gigs!

To find tour dates and buy tickets you can visit our website.

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