Billy & Louie get inspired and release new song

Billy & Louie have spent the last few months in lockdown, writing and producing a brand new song! ‘Am I Lost Without You?’ will be available to buy and stream on all platforms on the 3rd April. Read this article to find out more about their new song and what inspired it.

We are so excited to be releasing this song! It’s been a while since we released our last track, but we are really pleased to be back in the swing of writing music and doing what we love. It’s definitely a different style to the music we’ve been releasing but it still fits our vibe and it actually seems the most ‘us’ of all the songs we’ve written and released so far. 

We are sticking with the pop theme like we did with Rosa but of course, like always, we’ve added a unique flair to it. Whilst working from home, we listened to a lot of late 90s and early 2000s RnB including early Mariah Carey and Anastacia. We also listened to old blues and soul whilst studying which definitely inspired our vocals and the feel of the track! 

We created this introductory hook that formed the title of the song and that’s when the rest of the song started to emerge! We were very inspired by the cold rainy mornings in lockdown, when it was so dark outside that the days just rolled into one. We set the whole song around those grey, rainy, early morning vibes that we experienced most January mornings in lockdown. 

We used the theme of being at home and staying indoors, coupled with a narrative we thought of, inspired by a TV show we were watching at the time. We played with the idea of constantly checking your phone for messages out of boredom. It was a very relatable theme in those months.

It’s a very relatable song and it’s something you can listen and dance to or keep it low as background music. It’s got lots of harmony, lots of ad libs and we can’t wait to share it with all of you.

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