Loving the music of Motown

On 16th December, the BRIT School hosted an evening celebrating the music of Motown, featuring some of the hit songs from well known Motown acts. One of the performers at the show ‘Live from the Obie: The Music of Motown’ was JSS’s very own Temi Atiba. We asked Temi to put a few words together describing the event and her experience of performing. This is what she said:

“The show was such an amazing experience! After the months of being shut away because of lockdown, I loved performing and listening to live music again and having professionals coming in such as Shan Ako from XFactor to help up with performance to a camera was great. Even getting to present the second night was so much fun! The cherry on top was the fact that Motown Records UK sponsored the whole thing and overall I loved it and can’t wait to do it again!!!

Getting to present the second night was so much fun!

Shan came in on the performance days from 8:30 am until we finished the show and throughout the three dress rehearsals before the show, she pointed out things about working the camera and selling a song to the audience, and overall, showing personality to the people behind the screen. It was great to meet and work with her and I really learned a lot from her experience.”

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