Emily tells the story behind her new song ‘Dealings with the Devil’

Stories built around relationships are always great material for new songs. In this article, Emily Taylor-Smith tells how the story of a past relationship gave her the idea for her new song, ‘Dealings with the Devil’.

What a whirlwind this year has been! Hi everyone, it’s Emily here and I’m writing today to tell you all about my new single Dealings with the Devil. This track has been such a delight to make even though the meaning of the song is about bad times and bad relationships. It just proves that even bad times can be made into positive memories. I have had many wonderful people help me with this track like my manager Amanda Neale and the twins Billy and Louie, without them my music video would not have come together or my vision for it met.

Thank you Gem and Tonic for sponsoring me for this, it is absolutely amazing that I got to wear the stunning jewelry collection that they have. They just made my outfits pop even more! I also want to thank Jessica Hope and Laurence my producer for their contributions. Jessica was an extra in one of the Star Wars films and I just knew I wanted her to be in my video as my fairy. She was so enchanting. Laurence helped me put the whole track together, without him this track wouldn’t have been created well enough. He is so talented and I’m so glad I had the pleasure of working with him. In fact it has been a pleasure to work with all of them and I am so happy and proud of the work they helped great!

My amazing extras, Louie, Jessica and Billy

This song is about my past relationship, I’m going to be as open and as honest as I can be with this because that’s the best way to describe this song. The relationship really affected me in the past because of the way it ended. I didn’t see it coming as most young girls don’t, it was also difficult because of how quickly he moved on with one of my ex-friends. Luckily they both are not in my life anymore and it was a lucky escape. It completely devastated me for a long time and I was constantly in two different mindsets.


This is why there are two different queens in my video, the good and bad queen. I wanted him back but then I didn’t, I cried and then I laughed about it, I was in pain but then I was strong over it all. All these different emotions and that was what I wanted to show through in my songwriting. This song does mean a lot to me as it is a part of my life ending, but it does show a new beginning, which is the message I want to bring across. So many people suffer with grief and loss and it is important to show that it is a normal thing to go through, even if they didn’t die. It really hurts a lot to be left and you know they wanted to go. It takes time and the will to get over it and it isn’t easy. I hope this song can give people something to relate to and that they can get through it because I did. I believe in every single one of them!

Overall, I’m a changed person because of this and I am changed for the better. I am so excited to show you all this song. It’s been such hard work in the making and thank you to everyone who has been involved in this. I love all of you and I hope you all enjoy my song. Please like, share and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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