Billy & Louie are back with a new single – ‘Like the river’

By Billy & Louie Hughes

We’re back! And both of us are so excited to announce that on June 6th we will be releasing our 3rd single, ‘Like the river’! This is a song that we are proud to be releasing as it has been in the vault for three years now. We wrote this song when we were 13 and since then it has evolved and changed into an emotional ballad as we have revisited and adapted the song.

As with most of our songs, we try to write songs that have meaning to us but that can also relate to other people for different reasons. To us, the song is about staying strong and carrying on through rejection which people can almost always relate to. The theme of the river came about when we were both out and about in the fields by a lake and river near to our home. From a young age, we’d always play in the river and explore the surrounding – we are very lucky to live in a place with nature on our doorstep. The writing process was so natural and the song was created in a few weeks.

Being creative and aiming to create exactly what we envisage, we decided that we’d produce the song ourselves. We always want to perfect our music as much as possible so the recording process was quite lengthy, however, we are extremely happy with the final recording.

The song will be released on all platforms on the 6th of June and the music video will be uploaded soon after that. The music video has been filmed in the exact same location in which we first were inspired to create the song. We had a lot of influence on the making of the video working very closely with our amazing friend and videographer as well as our manager who directed too. The music video has little storyline but the visuals are truly beautiful exploring the theme of constant movement (like a river) and we’re beyond excited to share our hard work with all our supporters!

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