My inspirations

By Will Mercado.

Everyone has someone who inspires them, and musicians are no exception. Watch any interview with any leading musician and the chances are they will mention the person, or people, who inspired their style and made them want to go on stage and perform themselves.

In this article, I write about some of the people and bands who inspire me.

Queen were one of the biggest and iconic bands of the world during the 1970’s and 80’s but at around 1983 their lead singer Freddie Mercury left the band to pursue a solo career. This caused a massive fallout and a lot of bad feeling and Queen didn’t perform together for several years. However,  Bob Geldof persuaded Freddie and Queen to perform together at the Live  Aid concert at Wembley stadium on the 13th of July 1985. Their performance stole the entire show, which was incredible as Queen hadn’t  performed together for four years!


Unfortunately Freddie Mercury died in 1991 but up until his death he was still singing and writing songs. Now in 2020 Brian May and Roger Taylor are still performing however at the moment  to a virtual audience due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Many artists such as Lady Gaga, John Legend, Coldplay, Rolling Stones and Elton John have performed online on a series called One World: Together at Home, with the aim to raise more than $100 million to help the World Health organisation fight against the virus.


Elton John has had a successful career over many decades but it has not been without controversy. However he and his music survived and he even had a blockbuster film made after his life. He is a true legend who uses his fame to raise many millions for charity such as Elton John Charitable Trust to help with AIDS and HIV, he has also contributed to over 90+ charities around the world for many different causes.


The Rolling Stones are one of the longest running bands in history. I really respect the stones because they have been at the top of their game since they started in 1962, and have produced album after album and still perform to sell out stadiums all over the world. In fact they have just released a new single competing with artists 60 years younger than them and still remaining current. They recently performed on One World: Together at Home and as always were one of the best performances of the night, but I suppose they’ve got a lot of experience!

Paul McCartney is widely considered a great musician learning to play around 25 instruments and has one of the most versatile tones and largest vocal range in pop rock history which can reach over four octaves! He also has a gifted talent to write catchy and original songs which is shown in him constantly producing hit after hit after hit in his lifetime.


He also participated in the One World: Together at Home concert, to raise funds and stop the spread of COVID-19 he has also been a big supporter of animal rights and environmental organizations, though he has also championed a number of humanitarian causes, and supports charities that fight cancer, with the loss of his beloved wife Linda McCartney who performed bedside him in Wings after the Beatles!

All these celebs are true Legends who have all had a roller coaster of a ride with heartbreaks, deaths and breakups, and manage to get back up on their feet and give back to society who gave them the chance to shine and to perform on stage in front of thousands of fans. But they all achieved this through hard work and a thriving passion to make music and perform on stage, and even online today!


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