Lockdown life – why now is the perfect time to get creative

By Amanda Neale

When the lockdown was imposed in March, it felt as if the whole world had suddenly been locked away from normality and routine. It has been like a bad dream that you hope you will wake up from but is actually happening every day. Sometimes it has felt like we’re all actors in a movie where this pandemic has broken out but we’re waiting for the action hero to arrive and rescue the world from being destroyed. Family and friends have lost their lives so quickly to this horrible pandemic that has swept across the world literally like a demon.

It has taken time to adjust to this life of not being able to socialize, have human contact with our friends and family, and generally enjoy life as we should. However, in the midst of all this we are tucked in our homes creating great and amazing things. To keep ourselves sane, we have to think about the good things that have come out of this horrible time. It has been a time when families have been able to bond more with one another, become closer and if anything make more time for one another which perhaps they never did before. For the creative world, it has been a time for artists to paint more, writers to write, songwriters to reflect and write new material.

“For the creative world, it has been a time for artists to paint more, writers to write, songwriters to reflect and write new material.”

Which brings me to what has happened to our music world. Life never came to a halt just because of the pandemic but has given the opportunity for more emerging artists to spend time developing their profiles on social media. They have every opportunity right now to build their profiles through as many social outlets as they want, even though they cannot go out and perform in front of a live audience. Taking time to make something is also the ideal way to provide the hope that one day soon they will be able to take what they have made and perform it in front of friends, family and the general public.

Perhaps take a look and see how many more videos have emerged on TikTok and YouTube since the lockdown, they most certainly have risen. Take advantage of this time to give more time to your songwriting, expanding your mind by creating the kind of profile you want as an artist.

So if you are a musician, use the quality time to experiment with new tracks, rhythms and melodies. There is no better time than this to do it.

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