Getting through the tough times with music

By Emily Taylor-Smith

Hi everyone! It’s Emily here! I wanted to tell you about a new song I’ve written. During this terrible time of lockdown so many people have been going through so much and my heart goes out to all of you at this time.

“You were the one I loved,

But now I have broken free,

A new life, a new beginning,

Stronger now, I can do anything.”

These are some words from the song I wrote back in January after I had been through a very troubling breakup. I felt very lost for a long time and when I wrote it I just wanted to get my feelings out onto the page. I was betrayed by two people who I cared about and loved deeply. But they seem much happier now and it’s time for me to be. It’s made me stronger reflecting on what has happened over this lockdown period because I have realised what really matters.


My life, my values, my goals and realising that people who don’t value me don’t need to be in my life bringing me down. I want my life to be mine and I want to not constantly think about what others are thinking of me. I wrote this at a time when I was still very angry at the situation and I want people to know that you can still come out as the better person and rise above what people do to you. This is because the actions of others don’t define you, they define who they are. That you are still beautiful, amazing, kind and creative. That you are everything they aren’t and more.

Our doctors and nurses are risking their lives for us to have a better future

During the lockdown I have been singing every Thursday for the NHS because they are our heroes. Our doctors and nurses are risking their lives for us to have a better future and to stop this terrible virus. I have been singing ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ every week as it is the symbol of the NHS and for the fight against this virus. Last week I did add ‘We’ll meet again’ for an uplifting end to my singing as I want people to know that it isn’t going to be like this forever and we will meet again. Next week I will be adding ‘Songbird’, the Eva Cassidy version, as I have been named the Broadley Songbird on my street.

I have put my videos on my YouTube channel and my Facebook page. The videos I have been putting out have been shared to the national NHS page and have got over 1.6K views. It’s just nice I can spread the message of joy and love around the UK at this awful time. There are no words that can describe the amount of dedication and sacrifice that these key workers have given to this country and I thank them with every single breath I breathe. This is because this virus doesn’t stop for anyone so I know that it could have been me or any of my family who got it. So I just thank them for keeping my family and loved ones safe. I love you NHS!

Overall, I want to end on a positive note and give some words of wisdom. No matter who you are, what mistakes you have made or if you are going through hard times right now, I hope you can relate to this song. Know that you can rise from whatever you are going through. It’s okay to not be okay sometimes because nobody ever is okay all of the time. Take care and stay safe.

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