Bringing people together through music

By Billy & Louie Hughes

These are undoubtedly strange times for us all. While keeping people apart to keep us healthy is the best way to save lives, it’s still really tough being indoors and away from friends, family and the outside world in general.

That’s why we came up with an idea to somehow collaborate with singers and upcoming artists to spread a bit of positivity during the current time of crisis.

We were brainstorming some ideas whilst out running together and decided to arrange the 1982 classic, ‘Only You’ by Yazoo for singers we know all around the world, including some you may recognise from Junior Star Singer Songwriter. The aim was to spread some joy as well as promote some emerging creators, who just like us, are currently unable to perform live or collaborate in person.

We chose the song due to its topical lyrics, its popularity and its potential harmonies. We spent some time working on the song and reaching out to artists in different countries who might take part – we’ve been so lucky to have received so many submissions!

Hopefully our video will be shared by all the participants across the world to spread our collective positivity to all of our supporters.

The video will be posted after 9pm tonight (7th April) on our Facebook page and YouTube channel. Please let us know what you think and please do share the video with others – we’d love to think we’re helping people to fight this virus in the best possible way – through hope, positivity and keeping entertained whilst keeping safe.


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