Emily gets feisty for new music video!

JSS star Emily Taylor-Smith tells the JSS Magazine what it was like on set for her new music video!

Hi guys, this is Emily here! I just wanted to update you about what’s going on in my new music video. The whole video was so fantastic to create and I couldn’t have created it all without the amazing makeup artist, Gem and Tonic Jewellery, Jessica Hope, Billy and Louie, the film crew, the photographers and Amanda Neale my manager.

I woke up on that day feeling so excited for what’s to come and I thought about how my vision for it was all going to come to life. My music video is about a good princess being corrupted into a bad queen by the enchantress. I came up with most of the script so it was really good to create an amazing piece of story line to put in my video. So it is a very different theme that most artists wouldn’t put in their music videos because of the medieval and Celtic style that I wanted to have in it. Getting my makeup done was so great and we have a behind the scenes video explaining my feelings that morning coming soon so don’t forget to check it out! 

When I was already dressed in my first outfit as the good princess, we head off to the beautiful shop called Studio 221 and we set up to shoot the first few scenes featuring one of the twins, Louie. One was my good prince who I was singing to all loved up and full of joy. This scene wasn’t too difficult to do until Jessica Hope my enchantress had to put a spell on me. I wanted to get it perfect for a wonderful transformation shot where I turned into the bad queen. So it took ages to get it right but we got there in the end and I’m so glad that we took the time and effort to do this scene. As it is going to look perfect! My jewellery in all the shots was by the amazing company Gem and Tonic, I cannot thank them enough for sponsoring me and believing in my work. There is another video showing what I am wearing and showing off the jewellery so don’t forget to look at that too. 

I then had to change for the bad queen look and another one of the twins, Billy was my bad king. Another great filming shot and I cannot thank Charlie Simpson enough for getting these amazing angles. We also had to smash a mirror which was so fun to do but that took ages of hard work to complete. Also the goblet didn’t fail to entertain us all, as the first time the goblet broke instead of the mirror! Overall I just wanted to give a massive thank you to those who support me and made this all possible. I cannot explain my gratitude and how surreal this all is for me. I hope you all love the video and I will check in with you all soon! Check out for updates!

Emily before
Emily as we first met her
Isolde 3
Showing off the gorgeous jewellery by Gem & Tonic
Emily looking amazing with her prince and king

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