Isolde meets Temi…

Junior Star Singer’s very own Isolde caught up with Temi Atiba, a contestant in this year’s JSS competition, to see how she’s feeling as we head ever closer to announcing this year’s finalists! Above is a picture of Temi, alongside JSS artists and Jss Extra Presenters Georgia Lois and Chloe Dunn, when she appeared on the JSS Extra show at Brooklands Radio.

What have you gained from being in JSS?

I have gained a lot of confidence since being in the completion. My talent in singing has significantly improved from the experience and I feel like I have had a confidence boost from the entire experience.

Have you enjoyed being in a choir?

I am very proud of being in this choir. I have been in it for many years, since I was eleven actually. I feel like it is like a family so I can say I do enjoy it.

How did you meet the conductor? Who is she?

She started in the choir when I was already in it, she replaced the other conductor, Karen Gibson, and her name is Marsha Philips. It is really amazing to have her as a conductor.. Karen Gibson was the conductor of the gospel choir in the royal wedding.

What would you do if you won JSS?

I would be really shocked, happy and excited. It would be an amazing opportunity to win this competition. I would love to continue growing my talent and winning this would help me do that.

I understand that there is an opportunity to sing in front of a member of the royal family? Are you excited about this?

I am so excited for it. It will be a fantastic opportunity for the choir and me too. I will gain a lot of experience from this performance. It is so exciting to be performing in front of a member of the royal family.

Do you have any ambition to become a conductor or write your own music?

I do have an ambition to write my own songs in the future and I might do conducting in the future but I want to focus on singing first.

Finally, are you looking forward to the results of the final?

I am looking forward to the results and I hope I will win because it is an amazing opportunity and it will allow me to further my career in singing. But it doesn’t matter if I don’t because there are so many talented people in this competition.

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