The Junior Star Singer Songwriter final – the day where everyone was a winner

Following on from our success in the Junior Star Singer competition in 2017, we came down to the studios in London, on the day of the final, to perform the demo of the song we co- wrote for the contestants. It must have been hard for the contestants because we only sang it once. Although they had the opportunity to record the demo on their phones, it still must have been a challenging task practising in the same space as all the others who were also busy trying out the song as well!

Once we performed the demo to the anxious group of contestants, they each had the opportunity to ‘play it safe’ or ‘take the challenge’ and to our amazement, everyone took the challenge. Then the contestants split into groups, where they had a space and some time to practise the song and make it unique. They also had the time to ask any questions to the group mentors about the song or how they could make it their own.

As mentors for the final, it was great to see how each artist played with the melody and developed ad libs to suit their style and to suit them as a person. It was also great to give our personal opinion to the artists so that the contestants could experiment with the song. We were both so happy to hear each contestant make friends and come up with ideas in little groups, despite each of them coming from all over England!

Unfortunately we weren’t able to listen to the contestants record their piece of the song, but it was lovely to see all of them sigh with relief as they came out of the recording rooms knowing that it wasn’t anywhere near as scary as they thought it would be! It was also really nice to talk to the contestants and interview them about the experience and how it felt to record in a booth with a high profile producer.

It was really nice to actually sing the song to the contestants and sing to the track that was made for the final. It was also great to hear the song come together and listen to the way each contestant made it their own.

By the way, if you want to know who won, go to the front page of the Junior Star Singer Songwriter website, where the identity of the 2019 champion is revealed!

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