Meet our JSS 2018 competition winner, Phoebe Maddison!

So, after a manic but fun search around the towns and cities of the UK, we finally found our Junior Star Singer Songwriter competition winner for 2018! After spending the day with us at the JSS final in London in December, Phoebe Maddison was announced best singer and overall winner of the competition.

Just like 2017 best group winners, Billy and Louie Hughes, Phoebe came to our attention after her performance in the regional heats on Swindon FM.

Below are Phoebe’s thoughts on winning the competition:

“I have found JSS to be really fun and an amazing experience, which gave me a greater understanding of the industry and recording songs, professionally. I was able to learn and interpret the true understanding of the Final’s song written and produced by the coach of the competition. I enjoyed being able to experiment with the song, with given options and also explore how I would challenge myself of originality, to prepare me for being a performer/ recording artist.

The coaching I received beforehand was excellent and I also enjoyed the guidance from previous JSS winners!  Having had professional techniques from the JSS team was extremely helpful and useful.

When I attended the JSS final in London, it was a wonderful experience. I loved meeting the other finalists and sharing our interpretations to the song. We were able to learn and work with each other in a musical environment. All the finalists were very talented!

On Christmas day, I received the most loveliest of news and was told by Amanda, that I was the overall winner of the Junior Star Singer Songwriter competition. I was totally shocked and amazed, and extremely pleased. I really could not believe it at first!” I cannot wait to record the song in the studio and be a part of the national radio tour.

I would very much recommend entering the JSS competition, as it is an amazing opportunity to showcase your musical talent, learn more about the music industry and gain great experience in studio recording. The music coaches and other competitors were great and the talent was so high.  I would recommend anyone with a passion for music and singing to enter the 2019 competition !”

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