Seeing things from the contestants’ perspective

When you’re running a nationwide contest like Junior Star Singer Songwriter, it can be easy to get so caught up in making sure the shows go smoothly that you forget what it must be like for the contestants as they give their all live on air.

So who better to help us to take a step back and see things from the contestants’ perspective than two of our previous contestants, brothers Billy and Louie Hughes. Billy and Louie were winners of the 2017 Best Group category and have been helping out on this year’s tour, first as special guests and, most recently as part of our interviewing team on our recent show on Radio Dacorum.

Billy & Louie at Radio Dacorum
Billy & Louie (right), with show hosts Tom Watkins of Radio Dacorum and Amanda Neale, creator and lead presenter for the Junior Star Singer Songwriter radio shows

Read on to see Billy and Louie’s take on what it’s like to be a contestant on Junior Star Singer and how their experience helped them to bond with our contestants on the show.

“Not even a year after winning Junior Star Singer Songwriter, we had our first experience of co-presenting one of the Junior Star Singer tour episodes, live at Radio Dacorum with Amanda Neale and hosted by Tom Watkins from the ‘Wake up with Watkins’ morning show.

It was an incredible opportunity to present with Amanda and Tom and meet the three anxious contestants who were waiting for their time to perform in the competition!

We loved hearing each contestant and giving feedback on their performance. We especially loved getting to know the contestants during the show and getting to know more about them, their musical history and style.

Having been involved with three radio shows on the Junior Star Singer tour 2018, and performing in the competition last year, we really understand how nervous the contestants are before they perform but then as soon as the song is finished the competitors are no longer nervous! Despite the anxiety, all of the contestants sang really well and the songs they chose to sing were chosen very well and suited their voices perfectly!”

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