JSS stars shine bright at Summer showcase

A group of our Junior Star Singer Songwriter stars came together for a wonderful summer showcase in Mayfair’s Hatchetts venue in Central London on 24th July.

On a balmy evening in the middle of the recent heatwave, artists were interviewed by main presenter Amanda Neale and then sang their hearts out to a packed audience.

Combined pic

Performers included past and present Junior Star Singer Songwriter winners Kasey Wray Wooderson, Chloe Dunne and Billie and Louie Hughes. They were also joined by presenter for the new JSS Theatre Star show, Scott Thornhill; our JSS presenters for JSS Extra South and JSS Extra North, Georgia Myers and Emily Taylor Smith; co-presenter Rachael Summers, new contestant Ruby Jahnke and contestant from last year Sarah Johnston.

The evening also featured guest performer and Junior Star Singer Songwriter favourite, Eddy Smith, who entertained our audience with some heart-felt tracks.


Organisers Emerging Artists arranged for artists from JSS to sing at this very prestigious venue in London which is located opposite the Ritz Hotel in London.

Amanda Neale comments: “The showcase was an ideal opportunity for artists to mix with each other and hear everyone at their best.  They are all incredible stars and have worked so hard.  They all deserved to sing at such a prestigious venue in Central London.”

See more pictures from the showcase in our picture gallery on the Junior Star Singer Songwriter web site.

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