Chatting with Chris Charalambides

Here at JSS, we love to bring you interviews with the talent. Today, we are delving into the production side with music producer, Chris Charalambides…

When did you first realise you wanted to become a music producer?

I’m a self-taught musician (pianist, keyboard player), and I began composing music at the age of seven. At 14, I recorded my first solo soundtrack album at home on a synthesiser workstation (no computer DAW back then!), and then continued into music and sound engineering studies.

I was always fascinated by both the music and the audio worlds and before I knew it, I was producing without realising the exact role of a producer. Being a Music Producer nowadays, ranging from coming up with some simple hip hop beats, to knowing everything on recording techniques, arrangement and orchestration, mixing, and of course songwriting. I would like to consider myself the latter. It is vital for me to be in total control, and having the outmost knowledge and experience when taking on a music production project.

Do you produce all different genres?

I primarily produce Alternative, Rock, Pop and Soundtrack music. I usually avoid Jazz and Latin, even though I’ve had to record and mix these genres.

Any European acts that we should look out for in the future, perhaps ones you are working with at the moment?

New upcoming artists, regardless of age are: Finding Kate, Waterblack, Rushil, Lulabella, Marble River, Nicole Ardanitou, Gabriella Metz, Abi X Rushil, Joakem, Delirium Elephants, Youn Ni Ko, Saint Judas, Vomitile and many more you can find on my website.
These are unsigned artists I have been developing over the years, with the hope of worldwide recognition.



You are one of the masterminds behind Battle of the Bands Europe. What inspired you to start this great project?

To be honest, a very close friend of mine, Darren Casey approached me with the idea last year, and we decided to try and organise it and get Cyprus onto the scene. More news about GBOB soon to come.

What can we look forward to in the future with Battle of the Bands Europe?

It would be great if GBOB would happen every year, and hopefully get one of our bands onto the big stage in Europe.

How did you feel when you were asked to be a judge on Junior Star Singer Europe?

Being a judge on Junior Star Singer Europe will be a great honour indeed. I’m a huge believer that artists’ future and careers are encoded into them from an early age. Thus it is very important to find very talented children at a very early stage, and guide them correctly to find themselves and find what music fills them and suits them. As a music producer, this is my primary goal. To be able to help someone through music coaching and develop them into a star (in their own field and genre).

Do you think it is easier or harder for young artists to break into the music industry?

Well, in general it very difficult to break into the music industry, regardless of age. There are genres such as Pop, which are definitely more popular and most cases labels and management look for young artists with image to “sell”. Fortunately, I’m not one of these producers. I always try and look into the music and soul of an artist and then the rest.

What qualities will you be looking from our contestants in the Junior Star Singer competition?

Usually what I look for in an artists are:
1. Sincerity when singing
2. Vocal tone
3. Vocal technique
4. Confidence

Any new plans with production or music ahead?

Next year’s plan is to attract more and more talented artists from abroad and being able to offer them affordable packages, in my new residential studios in Cyprus. Other plans include finding the right labels from my artists worldwide, and offer them management deals and guidance. The most important element in any plan is the music itself. Without the quality of songs and music, there will not be success. The music industry has become so competitive in the last 5 years, so artists need to aim to the sky. My goal limits are even higher!

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