Amanda Tells All: Back to the Beginnings

It’s hard to keep up with the Junior Star Singer creator, Amanda Neale, who has accomplished so much in the music industry. She has worked in most positions you can think of in the music industry, from production, to mentoring, to even having been a popstar herself. Therefore, of course, who better than Amanda to coach young artists and guide them on their way to stardom?

It’s evident from her work that Amanda keeps JSS very close to her heart, but how did the company founder come up with it in the first place? Here she is to tell us more…

Many contestants and their parents often ask me what led me into producing a radio tour like Junior Star Singer. I believe it was inevitable, given the amount of time I have spent with acts over the years. From producing my own acts, to bookings and management, it has been an amazing journey. It just seemed like the right thing to do having worked in A&R for several years (artists and repertoire), talent scouting, judging competitions, giving artist development to new and emerging artists. Being a parent as well made me realise that there was not enough out there to help young artists to get recognised or develop properly in the industry. When I thought of the concept of JSS, I ultimately wanted to give young singers and songwriters the chance to get exposure. Each contestant gets the chance to be heard by a radio station across towns and cities and some further a field if they are on internet radio. The child does not feel pressured either because they can’t be seen but only heard. It is a great community friendly environment as well, so it’s lots of fun!

Amanda and artists

Over the years of working in music, my work has involved significant travelling, trolling showcases and venues in many towns to scout new talent. Now over several counties, JSS brings the opportunity for talent to come to us and it’s great! Potential contestants can apply online very easily through our website, or most kids can just ask their music teachers, who would have heard about it already, and they can get referred. We will book them in immediately.

Now, I spend my time mentoring artists across the country, doing music industry talks and workshops in schools and speaking on radio and TV about the music industry. Educating young people about the changes over the years is really important to me as it not quite how it used to be ! I also work as a panelist for BBC radio, talking monthly about news and entertainment in the Surrey and Sussex area. I really enjoy my work as it is truely a passion of mine to develop an artist and see them improve over time. because above it all, it helps them to believe in themselves more. If you’re interested in applying for JSS or want artist development, just email

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