Getting to know Georgia Lois…

The lovely Georgia Lois was kind enough to take some time out of singing (and exam preparation!) to speak with Junior Star Singer Online and answer some quickfire questions…no pressure!

1)  How and when did you develop an interest in music?
I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember, probably since I was born! I remember I took part in a school talent show when I was around seven years old and I think from then on music just became all I ever wanted to do.
2) Name one album that changed your life and why.
I would say Taylor’s Swift’s first album Fearless. Her country style was new to me and it really inspired me, knowing that there’s other options out there rather than just pop, that can still be appreciated by all.
3) What celeb/band performance (if any) stands out to you the most?
Little Mix’s performance of Shout Out to My Ex at the BRITs. They’re such confident and strong women and this performance just showed everyone that. I’ve been a fan of them since the beginning and think they each bring something different to the band and they have a such a true honest friendship, I wish I could be a part of their group!
4) Which song would you love to perform one day that you haven’t done already?
I would love to sing Skinny Love by Birdy. It’s such a beautiful song with it only consisting of her singing and the piano. I’m starting to learn the piano as well so one day I dream to be able to play and sing it myself.
5) What was the musical highlight of the Royal Wedding for you?
The Choir who sang Stand By Me. They were absolutely amazing and you could tell everybody in the room was mesmerised by their performance. The main singer who started the song was fabulous as well, he really brought the choir together.
6) What artists/bands would your sound is most similar to?
There’s Gabrielle Aplin, a young Taylor Swift and Tori Kelly. I also really like Catherine McGrath’s music – she’s a new upcoming artist and her acoustic soulful sound is quite similar to what I like think I express within my music as well.
7) Which artist/band would you most like to collaborate with?
I would love to collaborate with either Ed Sheeran because I think he’s a fantastic performer, Taylor Swift because she’s my idol or Shawn Mendes because his songs are my favourite and he is my celebrity crush!
8) What has been the highlight of your JSS journey so far?
When I performed at the Cavern Club in Liverpool. It was such a surreal experience that I hope to do again as it was great fun and was one of my favourite performances ever. I loved singing my songs in front of so many people and really getting a chance to express who I am as an artist to the audience.
9) What are you most looking forward to about co-hosting at the JSS showcase?
I enjoy introducing all the acts and watching all the talent that is on display. I also can’t wait to sing as well as spending time with the others, as we’re all like one big JSS family. We support each other with everything and it’s just great fun to be around everyone.
10) What can we expect from the EP that you have just started?

I would say that the songs are relatable to anyone and are all about personal experiences but ones that make you stronger as a person. I’m aiming for it to have a pop sound to it but to still have a soulful feel to it, staying to true to my original sound.


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