Billy and Louie entertain crowds at a Royal Wedding Street Festival and the Mayor!

We at Junior Star Singer are still feeling warm and fuzzy with that after-Royal-Wedding glow. Two of our Star Singers, Billy and Louie, were able to celebrate the joyous occasion by singing at a street festival, and here they are to tell us more…

Recently we performed at a street festival in Wandsworth, London celebrating the Royal Wedding. It was a fabulous experience and it meant we got to perform to a totally different audience. The festival was lovely and it was situated outside an old-fashioned pub  called “The Cat’s Back” .

There were lots of tables and chairs with people enjoying the festivities and live music. At the end of the street was a large stage on which we performed. It was so great and our music was broadcast on Wandsworth radio station.

This was a great gig for us as it meant that we were got a totally different kind of exposure – in fact, we even gained some more followers on social media!

The more gigs and performances we do, the more we get asked to perform at. Recently, we performed at the Swindon 105.5 radio station’s 10 year anniversary party and met the Mayor-to-be, who, after having listened to us sing, invited us to perform at his inauguration dinner.

We prepared a few songs which we sang to over 300 people attending the function. Our set included an original song that we performed to a backing track that we created and four other covers. In our opinion, no matter how large or how small the venue, or how few or how many people in an audience, it’s always important to try and take every gig or opportunity and perform to the best of your ability because you never know who will be listening to you or what possible opportunities could arise because of it.

After performing our songs, we were approached by the sound technician who balanced our music and he then invited us to perform at two events: a charity event in The House of Fraser and another gig, yet to come, in the Stratton street festival. We were also approached by Shirley Ludford, the deputy lieutenant of Wiltshire, to perform at a charity concert at Swindon’s Wyverne theatre for the Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire which we are really looking forward to.

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