Inventing Your Image with Shivani

An important part of superstardom is deciding on the kind of artist you want to be. JSS’s starlet Shivani was kind enough to give us some words of wisdom and shed some light on how to create your own image in the music business…

Some of you might be wondering, as an artist, is image important? Why is it? Or what even is image? Most people think of image as being a picture or photo, and as an artist I think it’s a similar idea. Image is essentially a picture of yourself that you create for other people to see. Image is how you present yourself to others around you, through the clothes you wear, how you style your hair and even how you do your makeup. High profile artists often have a certain image they keep up, and are known for it, it can sometimes correlate with their music, or have nothing to do with it whatsoever.

Shivani 2.pngAs an artist I think image is important because you want to present yourself in a way that draws people in, you want to show them what your style is and what you’re made of, even before they listen to your music. Having good image is different for everyone, so don’t compare yourself with others because everyone is individual and unique, which means everyone will have something different to offer.

When creating your image, stay true to yourself. Think about the type of music you make, the kind of person you are, and what you want to express to other people. The idea of image as an artist is clearly important, but at the same time don’t get too caught up on it! Whether you want a bold and out-going image or a simplistic and sophisticated one, it’s your choice and don’t let others choose for you.

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