Star Singer Q&A: Max Hudson

We are incredibly proud of our starlets here at Junior Star Singer, and love to show them off as and when we can! As you saw with Billy and Louie, we’ve been interviewing our 2017 winners to help you get to know our talent and to show you how they have found their experience with us here at JSS.

Our next Q&A guest is Max Hudson, who was the 2017 winner for Best Songwriter…

Hey Max! A huge congratulations on being named JSS’s Best Songwriter of 2017! You must have been so happy when you found out!
It was amazing. To win out of the amount of contestants that entered made me feel so proud and want to focus on my music even more!

Max HudsonWhat has been the best part of your JSS journey so far?
I really enjoyed going to the studios to record the Christmas song.

How did you get involved with JSS?
I had won a competition for John Fowler Holidays, and loved the experience so much that I wanted to enter another competition!

What artists/bands are you inspired by?
Ed Sheeran , Justin Timberlake and some older bands like The Rolling Stones.

What is your favourite thing about songwriting?
I enjoy writing songs with a meaning so I feel the emotion when I sing.

What advice would you have for anyone who might want to pursue songwriting as a career?
As soon as a tune comes into your mind, GET ON WITH IT! Start playing your instrument to develop the tune further then work with the lyrics.

To keep up with Max’s great work, keep an eye out here at!

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