Welcome to #JSS2018!

2017 was a hugely successful year for Junior Star Singer Songwriter, with 20 shows going out across the UK to give opportunities to young singers and songwriters all over.  This year, the show is going out on radio stations not only in the UK but Europe too, giving artists the chance the record a track with a European producer to be played on the tour!

Junior Star Singer 2018 will hit different locations in the UK including Brighton, Leeds, Manchester, Cambridge and York.  Tonnes of applications are being received from 10-16 year olds all across the UK, all competing to perform live on the radio, to then be mentored by experienced A & R executives, record producers and artists within the industry.  The winner of the overall competition will then go on to hear their track produced by a top record producer and played across twenty radio stations!
The tour itself has had exposure on BBC Radio, Sky TV, London Live TV, That’s TV and Made in TV network, and continues to flourish with great publicity over various outlets.  All radio shows also have their own blogs which gives up-to-date news and features on what contestants get up to, so stay tuned for these throughout the year!  The tour starts in April and ends with the final in December, which will be held at a recording studio.  The final result is given at the very end of the year and announced on the blogs and website.
Judges for 2018 include Tom Manning, who is the director of the famous Monnow Valley studios, producing the likes of Coldplay, Oasis, Queen, Manic Street Preachers, Joss Stone, Led Zepplin,  Stereophonics, Simple Minds and many more.  Also amongst the panel is singer and musician Don E who has produced the Sugababes, Pixie Lott and Blue, as well as having worked with numerous soul artists such as Omar and Grace Jones.
If this all sounds like something you would want to get involved in, it’s not too late to apply! We are asking all schools and radio stations to put forward contestants for the 2018 Radio Tour Competition, which will give them the chance to be heard on numerous stations.  This is an opportunity that singers and songwriters would benefit from hugely, so don’t miss out!
Remember, Junior Star Singer gives exposure to a UK charity called Youth Music which aims to help disadvantaged young people through music and helps to invest in music-making projects, so it’s all for a good cause too!
Contestants are invited to perform at our promo show Junior Star Singer Extra hosted by young presenters Georgia Lois and Teide Bryce.  This will give the them a chance to sing their track and be interviewed before they enter the competition later in the year, and appear at the radio stations for their auditions.  It’s almost like a chance to warm up before the tour starts!
So what are you waiting for? Get in touch here!

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