Behind the Scenes with Billie and Louie

Talented twins Billie and Louie were the 2017 Junior Star Singer Songwriter winners for Best Group. The twosome from Swindon were awarded the opportunity to record a Christmas song of their own under the guidance of their music mogul mentor, Amanda. We asked Louie to tell us a more about their journey…

Hi Louie! Tell us, how was your experience with Junior Star Singer?

Our time at Junior Star Singer has been amazing! The competition began at our local radio station, Swindon 105.5, where we recorded our entry for the competition heats and met the other contestants. We sang live and talked to Amanda, the host of the competition, about our singing history and our music aspirations. Once the first phase was over, we received an email from Amanda telling us that our entry and the other acts Billie and Louie 2.pngfrom Swindon had all been successful and we were through to the next round!

The final stage of the competition was held at the Soundbox studios in Sutton. We introducing ourselves to everyone and all got to know each other before going off to start warming up our voices. We were split into two groups and given the song that we would be critiqued on. We had 20 minutes to rehearse the song and make changes to it with Rachael helping us where we needed it. We had about 5 minutes in the recording booth and we recorded our vocals in two takes.

We waited for a few weeks to hear back from the judges, and then a few days before Christmas, we were emailed by Amanda telling us that we had won the Best Group act! We had an interview at Swindon 105.5 about our success and began preparing for our recording day!

What was it like to record your own Christmas song?

We spent the day at the Charthouse Studios in London with some other JSS contestants. Amanda and her team helped us record a festive song a week before Christmas Day.

We began by learning the song, trying out different harmonies/vocals and recording the result of the day’s work.

The whole day was very relaxed, friendly and very festive, putting us both in the Christmas-iest of moods!

We had the most fantastic time during this competition and would strongly recommend anyone thinking of applying to do so. It has allowed us to be in a recording studio twice, experience the studio and producer and have a bit of fun.

But being part of Junior Star Singer is not just about the competition, it is about making contacts and friends, opening doors and being given the opportunity to be part of other musical events.

So what are you waiting for?! Get in touch now to start your journey!

You can also find the twins on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.



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