Introducing: Emily Taylor-Smith

Meet Emily Taylor-Smith, a young super-starlet from Yorkshire and one of JSS’s finalists of 2016. Boasting her signature unusual classical sound (seasoned with a bit of folk), Emily is well on her way to becoming a big name! Here she is to tell us a little bit more about herself…

Hi! I’m Emily Taylor-Smith. I love combining classical & modern & this shines through in my songwriting.

I have been passionate about music and singing my entire life. My early influences came from my parents as music was a big part of our household. Artists that spoke to me were those such as Billy Joel, KeIsoldeane, James Blunt, Snow Patrol, REM, Stevie Wonder, Stereophonics,  Ellie Brookes, Kate Bush, Enya, Evanescence & much, much more. I also love the West End & my favourite musical is Les Misérables.

I am classically trained as a first soprano. My earliest performances were singing solos at primary school & I now regularly perform with the Yorkshire Youth Choir.

And now some words of wisdom…

Music is not one genre, don’t let anyone tell you your music is wrong. Never give up on your dreams.

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